Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Information Technology in Transportation Industry

The Transportation industry computer technology has over the period undergone a nearly incomprehensible revolution, parallel to the evolution from Morse code to e-mail. Although the elementary scope, goals, and objectives of the transportation community have not changed significantly, the challenges of technology today are greater than ever before.

Within an age bracket, software has transformed the daily tasks of the personnel—computer use has infiltrated almost all over the place. Data management capabilities have to a great extent improved source management. However, additional to the positive possessions are the challenges of implementing, supporting, and backing these technologies in the world of transportation.

Tightening the gap between cutting-edge technology and its applications, as well as identifying the misplaced links for applying technology in transportation will be the continuing challenge. This article briefly touches upon the state-of-the-practice in information systems and technologies for transportation, as well as the mounting role of information technology in this century. This estimation points to potential solutions for technological challenges in such areas as:
  • Applying information systems and technology in the transportation field
  • Applying system-user as well as data management and data sharing
  • Using web technologies in transportation
  • Prioritizing research, development, and demonstration programs
  • Encouraging the use of common information system and information technology semantics and standards in the transportation field
  • Facilitating and monitoring technology transfer as a “user advocate” among transportation organizations, vendors, and universities
  • Evaluating the impact of computer technologies on transportation organizations, gains in productivity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MaxisIT Service Offerings

MaxisIT Services commonly for the Transportation domain include:

Contact Center Managed Services
Contact Center Outsourced Services
Flight Planning Services
Supply Management Services
Transportation Application Services

Contact Center Managed Services

MaxisIT has utmost confidence in its Contact Center Managed Services as they are intended to effectively manage clients various transportation customer service providers through a contact center procedures and technologies ensuring smoothly improved business processing and maintenance showing on the growth graphs of the client. MaxisIT has improvised team which constantly works on the innovative procedures that can be best put to client’s service to enable much faster, reliable, secure and comprehensive contact center managed services from MaxisIT.

Contact Center Outsourcing Services

MaxisIT not only provides a thorough contact center managed services, but also has the capability to completely handle the contact center operations of the client if outsourced to MaxisIT. MaxisIT provides outsourcing services enables superior customer service and sales force management for complex, high-value customer interactions that provide world class contact center environment. With MaxisIT handling your contact center you shall feel it as an extension of your own team at service.

Flight Scheduling Services

MaxisIT services in the arena of flight scheduling include a comprehensive, next-generation service for effectively calculating fuel-efficient authorized flight schedules. MaxisIT Flight Scheduling enables clients’ logistic providers and crew to evaluate all the factors that may impact flight schedules and respond more early to this continuously changing environment using a web enabled graphical interface.

Supply Management Services

MaxisIT Supply Management Services ensures smooth transition in procurement and in providing industry support which is second to none that increases potential savings and maximizes your returns on investment.

Transportation Application Services

MaxisIT Transportation Application Services, tightly integrated with sophisticated and high quality information technology systems, improvises your planning related to passenger arrival and departure processes and, baggage collection. MaxisIT services adds an advantage of better planning means client can make optimum use of resources strategically so that it is ensured that your flights depart and arrive on time, and your passengers experience few delays.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

MaxisIT Transportation IT Services

MaxisIT understands the complexities and IT requirements of this industry domain. We employ a team of experts in Transportation and Logistics to serve this industry with ease.

MaxisIT serves the following segments within the Transportation and Logistics Industry arena:

Air freight
Airports and ground handling organizations
Consumer travel
Cruise lines
Express distribution
Freight and logistics
Hub, terminal and port operations
Ocean freight and maritime
Rail freight
Third party logistics providers
Tour operators
Travel agencies
Travel distribution
Truck freight
Vehicle rental
Warehousing and contract logistics

MaxisIT Services commonly for the Transportation domain include:

Contact Center Managed Services
Contact Center Outsourced Services
Flight Planning Services
Supply Management Services
Transportation Application Services